Thứ Bảy, 08/08/2020

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Functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of Accounting Department.

Head of department: Msc. Bui Thanh Binh

Phone: (024) 3791 99 33


1Bui Thi HungAccountant(024) 3791 99 33
2Le Kim LienAccountant(024) 3791 99 33
3Tran Phuong ThuyStaff(024) 3791 99 33
4Bui Thu HoaiTreasurer(024) 3791 99 33

I. Function

- Managing all sources of revenue and financial expenditures in accordance with current laws.

- Managing cash funds, Bank deposits, Treasury.

- Managing facilities by financial operations. Develop short-term and long-term financial plans.

- Providing professional guidance for the attached departments.

- Controlling the procurement, repair and construction.

- Summarizing the annual financial performance report of the Academy

- Advising and assisting the Director of GUST in managing, synthesizing, proposing ideas, organizing the implementation of the financial and accounting work of the Academy.