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"Belle II and Viet Nam"school and workshop

Hà Nội, 9-17 December 2017


The activity “Belle II and Viet Nam” is organized in Hanoi, from 9 (Saturday) to 17 (Sunday) December 2017, jointly by

  • Institute of physics (IOP), VAST, Ha Noi, Viet Nam,

  • High energy accelerator research organization (KEK), Tsukuba, Japan

  • Laboratory for high energy physics and cosmology, FoP, VNU university of science, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Belle II at SuperKEKB accelerator is a high energy physics experiment in B physics attracting participation of about 750 scientists from 25 countries including Viet Nam. The central mission of the Belle-II is to explore with high precision CP violation (related to the matter–antimatter asymmetry in the Universe) as well as other physics phenomena beyond the standard model (New Physics).

The Belle-II is an upgraded experiment of the Belle at KEKB, which achieved important observations on CP violation leading to the 2008 Nobel prize in physics awarded to two Japanese physicists Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa for their theoretical prediction. To carry out the Belle II, the KEKB accelerator is upgraded to SuperKEKB which aims 40 times higher luminosity than KEKB and 50 times larger data sample is planned to be accumulated.

Viet Nam is a member country of the Belle-II but the Vietnam Belle-II group is still small. The main purpose of the present activity is to discuss the newest and most important information of the Belle II as well as to promote the Belle II program in Viet Nam and contribute to the development of the Vietnam Belle II group.

All people from Viet Nam and other countries, interested in the Belle II program (physics and technology) are welcome to register for participation in the activity which is an international workshop accompanied by a training program (the lattershould precede the workshop part if there is no a time constraint).

Registration fee: there will be no registration fee unless using the meal and banquet service given by the organizers (see more details here). However, participants, especially students, can apply for financial support which can cover expenses for lunches and/or banquet.

Financial support: a limited fund for financial support is available. All people can apply for financial support (for local and/or travel expenses), however, the priority will be given to young people.

Final day of registration (for participation): 27 November 2017 (Monday).

Final day of application (for financial support): 20 November 2017 (Monday).