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Functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of Research Management and International Cooperation Department.

Head of department: Dr. Nguyen Dieu Trinh, Phone: (024) 38 39 99 77


1Nguyen Thi Anh DuongStaff(024) 38 69 99 77
2Nguyen Thi Hong HanhStaff(024) 38 69 99 77
3Nguyen Thanh TungStaff(024) 38 69 99 77


The Research Management and International Cooperation Department is in charge of advising and assisting the Director in preparing, implementing and uniformly managing scientific research and international cooperation of GUST.

1. Research Management:

-Submitting the plan of orient development in managing scientific research to the Director.

-Cooperating other institutes to organize the Seminar, Forum and Scientific Conference.

-Assisting the other institute to start-up and connect to the business

2. International Cooperation:

- Establishing international cooperation, signing agreement, implementing the international cooperation documents on education with foreign countries under the national law and VAST’s law.

- Raising the foreign fund to assist GUST and create the projects funded by foreign organization.

-Preparing plan for arrival/outgoing delegations of GUST to study abroad.