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Thứ Sáu, 15:05 25/11/2016

Thông báo học bổng Master và PhD tại Trung tâm Nghiên cứu Quốc gia về giảm trừ thiên tai và an toàn cho các thành phố ven biển (National Research Center for Disaster-free and Safe Ocean City) tại Đại học Dong-A, Hàn Quốc

Master & PhD program available at National Research Center for Disaster-free andSafe Ocean City at Dong-A University, South Korea

The research Center for disaster-free and safe ocean city (D-SOC research center) at Dong-A University (on Seung-hak Campus, Busan, Korea) was selected as a national core research center form the University Core Research Center Program supported by the Korean Ministry of Education (2016~2024, 9 years). The primary goal of our center is developing innovative element technologies of preventing and mitigating the risk from multi-ocean disasters, and combining those technologies into an integrated disaster management system, finally leading to disaster-free and safe ocean cities through close collaboration with industry and government.

1. Education programe: Master & PhD program

We are looking for research-oriented persons who will be involved in a various research projects in our research center. They will organize and analyze the results, and further write reports and international journal papers.

2. Disciplinary Specialty of Research

Structural Engineering, Construction Material, GIS, Big-data, Tidal wave analysis and Disaster Prevention, etc.

3. Materials to submit (All in PDF format)

Please send an electrical application package including following items to, before 24/12/2016.

(1) Certificate for English ability: one of the following language test score report: TOEFL: PBT(560), CBT(220), iBT(83);

(2) Statement of Purpose (SOP) (including research experiences and/or published journal papers etc.);

(3) CV/Resume;

(4) Transcript (photocopy is acceptable).

4. Scope of Support

(1) Salary for master degree (about 1500 US $/month) and ph.D. candidate (about 2000 US $/month)

(2) There are merit-based-scholarships from the University for international students based on official English scores.

5. Recruiment: from 13:30 to 16:00, 15/2/2017, at Institute of Mechanics, 264 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. (Potential students can participate in the interview even though the English score not yet reach the setting points/not yet take the English exam).

For more detail please contact

Dr. Pham Thi Minh Hanh, Institute of Mechanics, 264 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Tel: 04.37628 320, Email: